My Bio:

My name is Serena S.Y. Hsu. I am a wire photojournalist with ZUMA Press, specializing in Major Leagues, U.S. Championship sports, the New York City ballet and performing arts companies, children's education programs, and civic events. I am deeply committed to compassion and peace through photography. My hope is to gain international assignments to humanitarian and crisis zones.

Serena S.Y. Hsu

My photojournalism journey began Memorial Day 2014. Sports is to train myself for the physical stamina, speed and accuracy needed for the difficult war zones. Documenting the artistry of dancers and choreographers gave me the chance to write for magazine publications and to get published in New York City. Meeting people from all walks of life, their struggles and their personal journey are my inspiraton.

I am deeply grateful to the editors who have mentored me throughout this challenging vocation. It has been a great honor to learn from them, and I am indebted to all!

My final thanks is to Christ Who Won the photographs, and Who Leads me to greater compassion. He is always Present and Reminds me to hold close the ways of love above everything.