100% of the funds received in my GoFundMe campaign will be sent to "Doctors without Borders."

I would also like to add Kids Alive International, but I'm still waiting for the GoFundMe organization to get the charity listed. Receipts and proof that 100% was indeed given to these charities will be provided to donors.

Eventually, when I have enough funds, I would like to donate $30 anually to Charity Navigator, a very important organization, which researches the accountability and trustworthiness of charities.

The Story Behind My Charity Donation Campaign

Many of us wire photojournalists live at poverty level. Debts incurred from broken or replaced camera gear; the waiting period for an article submission; the hardships of month-by-month utilities; the fear that National Health Care would be eliminated or that I would not meet the minumum income level required for NHC - all impacted when and how I could monetarily donate to a charity.

I was tired of how inadequate my paltry $1 per week church donation were. I wanted more for the Xmas and Easter church offerings too... I try to volunteer regularly with Micah Ministry, which feeds the homeless in Independence, a high-crime area of the city I live in. But it isn't enough, and in a sense it never will be either. There is always more that a single person can always do.....

Then in October 2017, a national ballet company's publicist told me how beautiful my photographs were and that ballet dancers would love to be able to buy those photographs. Photojournalists are forbidden to sell commercially while on-the-job. I had to find a way to protect the copyrights of ZUMA Press, the national ballet company, and my own copyright. Once a photo is seen online, editors will not purchase the photographs. Magazines want new and original photo essays, which are crucial to my income.

There are times when folks need or ask for my photographs because loved ones have passed away and other special circumstances. By having this page where people can donate whatever amount they'd like to the charities, in exchange for certain photos, I can still contribute to a charity, bring honor to my profession, and to let individuals have their precious memories.

It is for specific individuals with these special circumstances, that I created this page. Thank you for reading, and Christ's Blessings to all.